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The Mind Gym

If you want to buy Mind Gym puzzles and exercises for publication in your magazine or newspaper or are interested in licensing some of these puzzles, then please get in touch.

We have a massive range of mind gym puzzles covering a large range of skills and faculties, relating to words, numbers, logic, mental dexterity, spatial appreciation and other skills that both use, tune-up and improve the mind - hence the mind gym! Please contact us for more details and sample mind gym puzzles.

Sample Mind Gym Exercise

See if you can complete this maths chain in under one minute:

Did you manage to work out the answer in less than a minute?

Don't worry if not. By doing mind gym puzzles each day you will find that you get quicker and quicker as the practice and mind gym exercise kicks in and you start to feel the mental benefits! The answer, by the way, is 18.