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Speed Maths Test

See how many questions you can get through with this fun and interactive mental arithmetic test.

You will see a variety of questions below, all that you have to do is simply answer each question - but in order to progress to the next question, you must answer them within the time limit indicated!

Each question will test your ability to either add up, subtract, multiply or divide numbers of a varying range.

You will be required to work out and enter the answer in the box within the required time limit.

For instance, if you think that 2 + 3 equals '5' then you will need to put '5' in the answer box. It's as simple as that! However, you must answer the speed maths question within the time limit so if you fail to answer in the time, your go is up.

If you can get a score of above 20 in this test then you are doing very well, particularly as some harder questions start to sneak in!

When you understand the simple rules and are ready to start this maths test, simply click START >>> - good luck!