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Creative Thinking Test

Use your creativity and lateral thinking to solve these puzzles. There will be more than one possible answer, so yours do not have to match our suggestions; the key is to think outside the box and come up with a novel solution to the problems, and in such a way ensure you are using areas of your brain you may not be used to using!
  1. The diabolical maze was unfair. The centre was surrounded by a solid square-shaped wall on all four sides, so no-one had ever reached the middle. Without breaking the wall in any way, how could you get to the middle?
  2. A magician put a red and a blue pill into a pot. Picking the red pill would give you unimaginable riches, whilst the blue pill would lead to a life of ruin. Everyone ended up being ruined. Knowing that the magician would use sleight of hand to secretly place two blue pills in the pot, how did you ensure you won the unimaginable riches without showing the magician to be a cheat?
  3. A pot of gold is in the middle of a clearing in a forest, surrounded by a rope forming a continuous circle with a radius of 10m from the pot. Without being allowed to use any equipment to get the gold or to walk / run within the circle, and with no-one to help you, how did you get the pot of gold easily without breaking the rules?
  4. Solved these creative thinking challenges and feeling all smug? See if your Answers match our suggestions.

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