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Consecutive Sudoku

If you've not come across consecutive sudoku before, then we think you'll like this puzzle! In the grid below, you will notice that certain cells have a green bar between them. This means that these cells are consecutive in value. For instance, if one cell contains a 9, then the cell next to it must be an 8. If it contains a 2, then the cell next to it must be either a 1 or a 3.

Thus, whenever you see a green bar, you know that the pair of cells are in this relationship: , . Using this information you can solve all valid consecutive sudoku puzzles through logic alone, combining this relationship with the standard sudoku solve rules. We hope you enjoy this interesting variant!

consecutive sudoku

Consecutive Sudoku Solution


Like consecutive sudoku? Then take a look at the Consecutive Sudoku Magazine which is a PDF document containing 100 puzzles that you can print and play whenever you want.